Current Sessions


Current Sessions

 OPERATION: SOLID LIVES (OSL) is an intense discipleship program designed to transform lives by saturating students with the Word of God while limiting the distractions of the world. Anyone who takes these classes can grow stronger in faith and more solid in his/her understanding of the Word of God. OSL can powerfully change any life forever, not because of classes, but because of the focus on the life-changing power of the Word of God and personal time with the Lord. OSL has six levels:

Level 1

Level 1 is where many people have the most exciting and life- changing experience. In this level you will discover, more deeply than ever before, how much Jesus really loves... and how much He wants to be with you for the rest of His life...forever! 

Key Teachings Include:
      •   The Love of God
      •   The Believer's Righteousness In Christ

Level 2 

 Level 2 takes it up a notch with some of the most treasured studies in OSL. We will let Jesus teach us— in much detail— His three steps to a solid and fruitful life in the kingdom of God and learn to regularly receive the fullness of God's Spirit.
Key Teachings Include:
      •   Infilling of the Holy Spirit

      •   Our covenant with God
      •   Reconciling God's Sovereignty with His promises

 Level 3

Level 3 takes us through a study of the Word of God from various angles: Its origin, how it came to us, insights about translations and five ways to receive from it. Level 3 also takes us through a study of how to use the Word of God as our primary weapon in the spirit realm.
Key Teachings Include:
      •   The Power of God's Word Against the Enemy
      •   God's Word and How It Produces Results In Our Lives
      •   How To Study the Word

Level 4

Level 4 will spend time studying the great authority we have on the earth through Jesus and how to use it. We will learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit and to minister to people through the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

Key Teachings Include:
  • Recognizing the Believer's Authority
  • Being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit
  • Effective Prayer

Level 5

Level 5 will focus entirely on your ministry to others. In this level we will study many of the keys and principles regarding ministry from the Word of God. We will study how to relate to Him in ministry, how to relate to our overseers and peers, and how to purify the motives of our heart.

Key Teachings Include:
      •   Unlocking Keys To Effective Ministry For The Kingdom Of God

Level 6

For those who said 5 levels isn't enough, we added one more. Level 6 will focus on the unstoppable Spirit-filled church.

Key Teachings Include:
      •   Jesus is in the church building business
      •   Walking in power and authority is the normal christian life