(OSL) is a highly effective and proven system of discipleship that has been written, tested, and refined — time and again — for over 25 years, to maximize its ability to impact an individual and to accommodate masses of genuinely hungry believers. Virtually anyone with a good attitude and a willing heart can participate in and graduate from OSL, including those with limitations or disabilities. It is designed with six levels which build — one upon another — to lay a solid biblical foundation. All levels include powerful audio teachings, daily Bible reading and response journaling, Bible memorization, and other key disciplines.

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What students of OSL are saying:

- "I learned more in the first 2 levels of OSL than 2 years at Bible college. Do you think they will give me a refund?" — Hillsboro,OR


-OSL helped me understand God's unconditional love. It is an intense discipleship program, the first step to becoming a  true disciple of Jesus - Hillsboro, OR

- "OSL helped me to hear God's voice." — Colombo, Sri Lanka

- "Upon attending this OSL program... I didn't read my Bible. Now, reading God's Word has given me a lot of excitement and joy." — Cebu, Philippines

- OSL gave me a whole new understanding... I am pure and perfect in God's eyes and that's what matters. Now I am healed and I can help to heal others." — Las Vegas, NV

- "I've been serving an addiction to heroine for 15 years and was super close to death... But I now have revelation of who I am in Christ. I am healed, and set free from addiction and sadness forever." — Anaheim, CA 

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